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History of Topics 2011

22 December

22 December

The SportAccord World Minds Games 2011

  The first edition of SportAccord World Minds Games was held at the Beijing International Conference Center in Beijing, the capital of China, from 9th to 16th December 2011.
  The event is composed of the four mind sports - Bridge, Chess, Go, Draughts and Xiang Qi. (Bridge, Chess, Go and Draughts are members of International Mind Sports Association and SportAccord.)
  The go event is mixed doubles competition and a round robin competition for six teams, each including one woman and representing China, Chinese Taipei, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States of America.

- Team Event
  The Japanese team is composed of Yamashita Keigo 9p, Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p, Ogata Masaki 9p, Sakai Hideyuki 8p and Mukai Chiaki 4p and the Japanese team takes bronze medals as Japan did at the World Mind Sports Games in 2008.
  The winner of the team competition is China (Kong Jie 9p, Gu Li 9p, Piao Wenyao 9p, Xie He 7p and Li He 3p) and the Korean team (Lee Sedol 9p, Choi Chulhan 9p, Park Jeonghwan 9p, Lee Youngoo 9p and Kim Hyemin 6p) take silver medals.

- Mixed Doubles Event
  The pair competition was played on 15th and 16th December. The Japanese pair, Mukai Chiaki and Yamashita Keigo, take bronze medals. The winner of the competition is the Chinese pair: Li He and Piao Wenyao.
  The Korean pair (Kim Hyemin and Choi Chulhan) take silver medals.

The SportAccord World Mind Games will be held in Beijing in 2012.

`Kokoro No Go': Charity Event for
East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

  The charity event for North-East Japan earthquake and tsunami victims was held on 11th December 2011 at The Nihon Ki-in. Nearly 200 go fans and 51 Professional players which include the top players such as Cho U (Kisei), Rin Kaiho (Honorary Tengen), Takemiya Masaki (9p) and Takao Shinji (9p) participated in the charity event.


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