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Tournament name Masters cup
Sponsor The Nihon Ki-in
Support  -
Special assistance  -
Assistance Fumakilla
Special cooperation  -
Cooperation  -
Winner’s prize 5,000,000 (Japanese yen)
Title match, play-off play-off game
Tournament system Tournament with 16 players.
Time allowance  
Komi 6.5
Qualification for participation Seven major title holders or ex-seven major title holders and 50 years or older
Rules for retaining places and seeds  
Year of founding 2011

Term Year Winner Wins and Losses Opponent Komi
4 2014 Cho Chi Hun   Kobayashi Satoru 6.5
3 2013 Kobayashi Satoru   Ishii Kunio 6.5
2 2012 Wang Ming Wan   Cho Chi Hun 6.5
1 2011 Cho Chi Hun   Kobayashi Koichi 6.5