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  • Summer Go School and Camp
      The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School and Camp only for overseas players is scheduled to be held at The Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo) for 10 days from from 27th August 2012.
      To help you increase the level of go drastically, our selective and skillful professionals will zealously give you intensive go sessions such as teaching games, reviews and lectures from morning to evening during the period.
      Most of them can give you above intensive sessions in English!
      (Please note that in case, interpreters will be available when needed to assist the professionals and participants.)
      Please download and get the application form and detailed information from here (PDF/Word) and submit the application form to overseasdept@nihonkiin.or.jp by 30 June 2012.
    Please kindly note the followings:
    1) The Summer Go School may be cancelled if the number of participants does not reach 20 people.
    2) This is not an annual event which means that it may not be held next year since the 34th World Amateur Go Championship will be held in Japan.
    If you have any question on the Summer School, please feel free to email us: overseasdept@nihonkiin.or.jp.

  • Now you can read `Go Weekly Newspaper` on iPad!
      This is the e-book application by which you can read publications of the Nihon Ki-in on iPad smoothly and comfortably.
      Introductory Offer!
      `The Weekly Go Newspaper` is now on free during the trial period!
      Note: One issue will be given for free during *the trial period and after the trial period ends, you can get `Weekly Go Journal` at JPY 230 per issue. (*The trial period will end on 23 May 2011)
      Replay Function of Game Record!
      You can move back and forward for game records in the digital Weekly Go Newspaper on your iPad. The replay function will be seen in the digital newspaper issued on 23rd May 2011!
      There is no English translation for digital Weekly Go Newspaper yet.
      But we also plan to release the English version of above digital newspaper and books.

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